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Tips for dealing with bleeding - SCAS Kids ZoneA little information that can be used to help you if you are helping somebody who is bleeding.

Some cuts and grazes can be minor and can be treated easily by simply cleaning the wound and applying a plaster or dressing.


  • If the cut is bleeding heavily you must apply pressure using a clean towel or bandage. If the cut is to the arm or hand raise it above their head; if it is below the waist ask them to lie on the floor and raise the affected area above the heart so that the bleeding stops or slows down
  • If there is a large object embedded then don’t try to remove it; just pad around it and apply a bandage to keep it secure. Call 999 if necessary
  • Apply direct pressure to the wound with a pad or fingers until a dressing is available
  • Sit or lie the casualty down to treat for shock
  • Elevate the limb, but if you think the bone has been broken, don’t move the limb. Apply the pad or dressing firmly to control the bleeding
  • Do not apply the dressing so tightly that it stops circulation. If the bleeding seeps through the first bandage then cover it with a second bandage. Call 999 if necessary


  • To stop a nose bleed, sit down and firmly pinch the soft part of your nose, (just above your nostrils); do this for around 10 minutes
  • Lean forward and breathe through your mouth; this is done so that the blood drains down your nose and not to your throat
  • Never lie down; stay upright as this will reduce the blood pressure in the veins in your nose, and will discourage further bleeding
  • Keep placing pressure on your nose for up to 30 minutes or until the bleeding has stopped.