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Meet 999 Ted


999 Ted - official design

Hi, welcome to the Games Zone


Ambulance world

Find a word

Click Find-a-Word and see how many words you can find which are associated with calling for an ambulance.

Make you own model ambulances

Emergency ambulance

Non-emergency Patient Transport Service ambulance

Rapid Response vehicle

Road safety

Play these games and learn to be safe on the road

Under 5 years old pupils

5 to 7 years old pupils

Over 7 years old pupils

Your monthly challenge

Are you ready for the 999 Ted Monthly challenge?

If so, let’s go!! Select one of the items from this website every month and learn vital information and life skills! One of the challenges could be learning what to do when you have to ring 999 or finding out if your home or school’s First Aid kit contains all necessary items and nothing is out of date. Your teacher or parent/carer can check that you have passed the challenge and give you a score from 7 to 10 when you have passed. Make it more fun and get your friends or your teacher and the whole class involved if you wish!

Download (and print if you can) Your Monthly challenge sheets.




Get your children active!

Fun generator

Change4Life has over 100 fun activities to keep your kids up and about during the summer holidays – and it’s easy to find the perfect one with our mobile fun generator!

Go to the fun generator website

Road safety

The Think! Education website has information for parents about how to help keep children safe on the road and home-link sheets for you to complete with your child related to the classroom activities that your child might have completed in school.

You may also wish to look at the pupils’ area with your child, which contains road safety resources including stories and games. You can order free road safety resources on the Department for Transport catalogue.

Go to the Think! Education website



Road safety

The Think! Education website has fun teaching ideas for early years (Under 5s), lower primary (Key Stage 1) and upper primary (Key Stage 2). Timings, resource lists and curriculum links are provided.

Some of the teaching ideas make use of the interactive and downloadable resources in the early years’ pupils area.

Go to the Think! Education website

Let’s get active!

The Change4Life 10 Minute Shake Up game is a brilliant way to engage your class and get them active with a little Disney magic. Using their great stories and fantastic characters, the children will be inspired to do the eight 10 Minute Shake Ups during the last week of term. It will also inspire them to stay active and imaginative over the summer break.

The Change4Life Helping kids eat well, move more and live longer games aim to help Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils understand the benefits of eating healthily and living a more active lifestyle. It’s important that children eat well and do plenty of physical activity to build a healthy body. If they’re carrying too much fat, it can build up in their bodies over time, raising their risk of life-threatening diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease in later life.